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Contus-Group clone FAQ & Documentation

Installation And Server Setup

  1. 1. How to install the Group Clone software in the server?

    Kindly find the steps for the installation.

    1. Install the latest version of the Magento in your server

    2. Download the Script

    3. Move the extracted file using ftp.

    Goto the admin system->cache management ->clear all the caches

  2. 2. How to set the cron job in the cpanel?

    For setting the cron job, we need to login to the cpanel, goto the cron job. Kindly see the below command to set the cron job in the server.

    * * * * * php5 /absolute file path/cron.php>/dev/null 2>&1

    * - First star denotes the Minutes

    * - Second star denotes the hour

    * - Third star denotes the day

    * - Fourth star denotes the month

    * - Fifth Star denotes the week

    Note: You can find the absolute file path, by running the yourdomainame/phpinfo.php and search 'script_filename', here you can find the file name copy up to phpinfo.php and paste in the absolute fie path in the command.

  3. 3. How to increase memory_limit and maximum memory limit in the server?

    Login to the ftp and goto the file php.ini.

    Add the below line..

    max_execution_time = 36000

    Memory_limit =512M

Basic Groupclone Configuration Settings

  1. 1. How to change the logo?

    a. First convert the logo in the five format with width =198 and height = 80.

    b. The five formats are logo.png,logo_email.png,logo_print.png, logo.gif, logo_email.gif, logo_print.gif

    c. And login your ftp or cpanel, goto the root folder path and upload this images in the following path

    d. Skin->frontend->default->your_theme->images->logo.png,

    e. logo_email.png,logo.gif,logo_email.gif,logo_print.png

    f. Skin->frontend->default->default->images-> logo.png,

    g. logo_email.png,logo.gif,logo_email.gif,logo_print.png

    h. Skin->adminhtml->default->default->images-> logo.png,

    i. logo_email.png,logo.gif,logo_email.gif,logo_print.png

  2. 2. How to change the favicon?

    a. To change the favicon, Kindly login to ftp or cpanel, change the favicon in the below path

    b. Skin->frontend->default->default-> you can find the favicon here, replace with your favicon

    c. Skin->frontend->default->your_theme-> you can find the favicon here, replace with your favicon

    d. Skin->Adminhtml->default->default-> you can find the favicon here, replace with your favicon

  3. 3. How to add the cities?

    Login into your admin, catalog->Attributes->Manage attributes-> Deal city->click ' Manage/label option'-> click 'Add option' -> Here you can add the cities.

  4. 4. How to set the country?

    Login into your admin, system->configuration->General-> Country-> Here you can set your country.

  5. 5. How to set the currencies?

    Login into the admin, system->configuration->Currency set up-> Here you can change the currencies.

  6. 6. How to clear caches?

    You can clear cache in both types either you can clear cache in ftp and also in the admin.

    Admin, goto the system->Cache management->click 'Select All'->click 'Flush Magento cache' and click 'Flush cache storage' to clear the caches.

    Ftp, login to ftp, goto the root folder var/cache. Here you can clear the caches.

  7. 7. How to change the theme?

    To change the theme, Kindkly find the below steps

    1.Goto the root folder app/design/frontend/default/ put the yourtheme here which in the app folder.

    2. Goto to the root folder skin/frontend/default/put the yourtheme here which in the skin folder.

    3.Goto the admin system->configuration->Themes->default->change the theme name.

  8. 8. How to add the categories?

    Login to the admin catalog->Manage categories-> select 'Default category' and click 'Add sub category'-> Enter the category name and Enable->yes and click save

  9. 9. How to increase the performance of the site?

    1. Kindly goto the admin system->cache management-> click select all and enable the cache and also clear all the caches also.

    2. Kindly goto the admin system->Index management-> click select all and reindexes the data.

    3. Kindly goto the admin system->configuration->Developers->Click javascript settings->Merge javascript->yes and click css settings->Merge Css->Yes.

    4. Kindly login to the ftp, goto the root folder, please replace the .htaccess file with the attached file.

    5. Increase the memory_limit upto 512M and maximum execution time upto 36000 in the server.

    6. Kindly login the admin system->configuration->system->Log Cleaning->Enable the log cleaning and set the days as 15 days.

    7. And we have do the mysql optimization, Kindly goto the phpmyadmin, please find the below tables name and truncate the tables(take backup of the tables before truncating).

    a. log_customer

    b. log_quote

    c. log_summary

    d. log_summary_type

    e. log_url log_url_info

    f. log_visitor

    g. log_visitor_info

    h. log_visitor_online

  10. 10. How to change the language?

    Kindly goto the admin system->Magento connect->Magento connect manager->click the Magento connect.

    Get the Language extension key in and paste into the Magento connect manager.

    Goto to the admin system->configuration->General->Locale option->locale->change the language ..

    In regards with translation if you want to change any text means, Kindly follow the steps.

    1. Login to your cpanel or ftp.

    2. Go to app --> locale -->your_lang.

    3. Open Mage_Page.csv,Mage_Customer.csv.

    4. Add the text as per below format.

    "English Text","Your Language Text" . For eg.,"Checkout","Afrekenen"

  11. 11. How to configure Google analytis in the site?

    Login to the admin system->configuration->Google API->Google Analytics-> Enable->Yes

    And enter the account number

  12. 12. Where to enter the license key?

    Login to the admin Groupclone tab->Global configuration-> License key-> Here you can enter the license key

  13. 13. How to configure the mobile theme for the site?

    Log in your admin panel -> System -> Configuration -> design -> theme -> default -> add expection

    Matched expression: iPhone|iPod|BlackBerry|Palm|Googlebot-Mobile|Mobile|mobile|mobi|Windows Mobile|Safari Mobile|Android|Opera Mini|Symbian|Blazer|Handspring|Nokia|Kyocera|Samsung|Motorola|Smartphone

    value: mobile

  14. 14. How to install the extension?

    Goto the admin system->Magento connect->Magento connect manager->click the Magento connect. Get the extension key in and paste into the Magento connect manager.

  15. 15. What is Advert system?

    when we refer a friend, amount will be credit in customer account. The administrator will have to set the credit amount in the backend(admin) of the site.

    Goto the admin Group Buying->Advert System-> Manage Rule->you can see the two types of rules

    1. Sign up

    2. Purchased.

    1. Sign Up: once we set the sign up rule in the admin panel and if the referred friend signed in to the site, then the amount will be credited to the customer.

    2. Purchased: if we set the purchased rule in the admin panel and suppose the referred friend purchased the product then only amount should be credited to the customer.

  16. Social Login FAQ's

    1. 1. How to create a facebook api key?

      1. Goto the

      2. Goto the Apps->click 'create new app', enter your app name and namespace, choose the category.

      3. Goto the settings enter your email addres there and click 'Add Platform'->click 'Websites' -> URL -> enter your site url

      4. Click 'Status & Review' ->Do you want to make this app and all its live features available to the general public?-> click'yes' to view the app on others.

    2. 2. How to create a twitter key?

      Kindly goto the

      And goto the my application->click 'Create new app' ->Enter all the neccessary details and click 'save'.

    3. 3. How to enable the social login?

      Login to the admin system->configuration->social login->Enable the social login->yes

    4. 4. How to create a goolge+ key?

      Steps to create Google App:

      1. Go to, login with your Google credentials and click on ‘Projects’

      2. Enter your project name and click ‘Create Project’

      3. Enter your Project name in the popup and click ‘Create Project.’.

      4. Now click on ‘API & Auth -> Credentials’ in the left panel and click ‘Create New Client ID’.

      5. Enter the domain url and redirect url and click ‘Create Client ID’.

      Get the api key and configured in the admin sociallogin

    5. 5. How to create a Yahoo login key?

      Steps to create yahoo App Id and Secret Key:

      1. Go to and login with yahoo credentials and click “Create Project”

      2. Enter the application name, Description and url of the domain and click ‘Create Project’

      3. Here you can see the Consumer key and Consumer secret key

    Manage Deals

    1. 1. How can I add deals to the site?

      Login to the admin Groupclone tab->Deals->Add New deal-> Here you can add the deal in one pages.

    2. 2. What is "custom option deal features"?

      Login to the admin Groupclone tab->Deals->Add New deal-> Click "Add Custom Option" button

      Here you can add multiple offers with a single deal with different price

      For Example: You have added "Normal Pizza" deal with the price amount is "2000/-" in Groupclone website. Please edit deal in admin panel -> Click "Add Custom Option" button

      Enter the Custom Option title, "Pizza Offers"

      1.Enter the Offer title, "Veg Pizza with Coke"

      2.Enter the Offer price, "2100"

      3.Enter the Offer sku, "pizza&coke"

      1.Enter the Offer title, "Non-Veg Pizza with Coke"

      2.Enter the Offer price, "2200"

      3.Enter the Offer sku, "pizza&coke"

      1.Enter the Offer title, "Large Pizza with Coke"

      2.Enter the Offer price, "2300"

      3.Enter the Offer sku, "pizza&coke"

    Manage Merchants

    1. 1. What is merchant?

      Merchant is a seller or retailer, Who can add a product in the site. Before adding a deal a merchant have to create an account in the site . You can find the merchant login in the footer of the site. There merchant can register and after that merchant can login to the site admin using the login credentials . The merchant will have limited access in the admin panel which is related to his deal alone.

    2. 2. When merchant deals will show in the front end?

      Merchant can add the own deals using his merchant login . Merchant can able to visible his own deal only. Merchant will not have permission to see the other merchant deals or administrator deals in their admin. After adding his deal in the admin, merchant have to pay for it by clicking on the ACTIVATE button where we can find it near each and every deals . After click the activate button, it will redirect to the payment page. There merchant can do the payment, once the payment done. Site owner need to activate the deal in-order the deals will be display in the front end.

    One Step Checkout Configuration

    1. 1. How to enable the Apptha Onestepcheckout?

      Login to the admin system->configuration->Apptha Onestepcheckout->Active one stepcheckout->Yes.

    2. 2. What are the features in Apptha Onestepcheckout and how to enable it?

      a. Display One Step Checkout in Cart

      Login to the admin system->configuration->Apptha Onestepcheckout->Display One Step Checkout in Cart->Yes.

      b. Default Country setup

      Login to the admin system->configuration->Apptha Onestepcheckout->Default Country->Yes.

      c. Default Payment Method setup

      Login to the admin system->configuration->Apptha Onestepcheckout->Default Payment Method->Yes.

    Manage Coupons

    1. 1. What is coupon?

      After purchasing a deal, once the deal is achieved, the customer will receive a coupon mail through his mail. Once customer got the coupon. Customer will got the merchant shop and redeem the coupon.

    2. 2. How to find the coupons codes?

      Login to the admin Groupclone tab->Deals-> Manage coupons.

    3. 3. When the coupon will be received to the customers?

      In our Groupclone software, the coupon mail will be received to the customers once the deal is achieved and the order status has be completed or processing

    4. 4. Where to validate the coupons?

      Login to the admin Groupclone tab->Deals->Coupon validation.

    Other FAQ's

    1. 1. How to add the google map?

      1.Goto the

      2.Enter your address and search.

      3.It will displays your site(whether may be a map or satellite view).

      4.Select the "link" option in the top right of the map.

      5.You can get a html coding inside the box.

      6.Just copy this and paste it into the below location into the admin panel, Contus Groupclone tab->Deals->Click 'Add new deal' ->Map->paste the map code here.

      7.Now you can see your map in the front end.

    2. 2. How can I change on the Copyrights text on the mobile version?

      Kindly goto the admin system->configuration->Design->Footer->Copyrights-> Here you can change the texts.

    3. 3. How can I change the copyrights texts?

      Goto the admin CMS->Static block->Copyrights-> Here you can change the copy rights text.

    4. 4. How to create a page and display in the top menu?

      Goto admin CMS->Pages->Click 'Add page'-> Here you can add the new page.

    5. 5. How to remove the my cart page in the side bar?

      To remove the my cart page-goto the admin sytem->configuration->checkout->shopping cart sidebar->Display Shopping Cart Sidebar->Yes

    6. 6. How to set cookie expire time in admin?

      Login to the admin , System->configuration->Web->Session Cookie Management->Cookie Lifetime.

    7. 7. What variables can I use in the newsletter-template?

      These are the variables we user in the newsletter template:

      'deal_date' => $deal_date, 'product_description' => $product_description, 'product_saveprice' => $product_saveprice, 'productname' => $currentproductname, 'product_price' => floor($product_price), 'productimage' => $currentproductimage, 'discount' => $discount, 'companywebsite' => $Companywebsite, 'product_worth' => floor($product_worth), 'product_city' => $tocity, 'subscribe_id' => $subscribeId, 'subscribe_code' => $subscribeCode, 'company_address' => $Companyname, 'currency_symbol' => $currencySymbol));

    8. 8. How to enable the paypal in the admin?

      Goto the admin system ->configuration->Payment methods->Paypal-> Choose a paypal option->Enable the solution->yes and enter the merchant email address.

    9. 9. How to export the customers?

      Goto the admin system->Import/Export->Export-> here you can export the customers.

    10. 10. How to change the order status?

      Login to the admin sales->order-> click 'edit order'-> click 'invoice'->Click 'submit invoice' to change the order status.

    11. 11. Why muliple item not added in the shopping cart?

      In our default script we don't have a option to buy multiple product in the shopping cart. If we allow the users to buy 2 different kind of products then it will lead problem when sending coupon as well as in refund the money. Consider if we allow an user to buy 2 products such as A & B in the same purchase. If product A achieves and B does not achieve then we could not send coupon for the product A alone as the order ID will be same for both the product. Coupon will be sent based on Order ID , Order Status and the deal status. This is same for refund also.

    12. 12. How to create a new user in the admin?

      Login to the admin system->Permission->Users-> Add new users.

    13. 13. How to enable the SEO url?

      Login to the admin system->Configuration-> web->Search Engines Optimization->Yes

    14. 14. Where to change/disable the poll questions?

      Login to the admin CMS->poll-> Click 'edit' to change the poll questions.

    15. 15. How to set the time zone?

      Login to the admin system->configuration->General->TimeZone → Here you can set the time.

    16. 16. How to set the email address?

      Login to the admin system->Configuration-> Store Email address → Here you can change the email addresses.

    17. 17. How to change the colors in the home page?

      Login to the admin Groupclone tab->Design configuration->Set custom deisgn->Custom Design->Enable custom design->Yes.

    18. 18. How to change the background in the home page?

      Login to the admin Groupclone tab->Design configuration->Set site Background-> Add item.

    19. 19. How to set the pagination?

      Login to the admin system->configuration-> Catalog -> Frontend ->Products per Page on Grid Default Value → Enter the number and Products per Page on Grid Allowed Values ->enter the same number here.

    20. 20. How to change the secure base url?

      Login to the admin system -> Configuration -> Web -> Secure -> Base URL -> Here you can change the base url.

    21. 21. How to change the side banner?

      Login to the admin CMS-> static block -> side -> banner -> Here you can change the banner