WordPress or Magento – A Comparative Study to Choose the Best Platform for a Daily Deals Site

Well, it is so evident that open source CMSes have given a tough competition to the eCommerce platforms by taking a share of their customers due to certain factors like simple functionalities, ease of moderation and use. On the other hand, these CMSes doesn’t seem to be proving dynamic and efficient enough for a heavy eCommerce work on a longer run.

Many are confused whether or not to use a CMS or to go with dedicated eCommerce platforms like Magento for their eCommerce business and so it becomes very necessary to jot down a few distinguishing points to conclude the clear winner. Before we could dive into the analysis, it’s all the more important to decide for which business type this comparison is going to be beneficial.

eCommerce businesses are of varied types out of which group buying mechanism is the one which has earned appreciations and negative criticism in equal shares. Though there are a few who curse this eCommerce business model, it remains to be popular in almost all parts of the globe. So, leaving aside all the other type of eCommerce trades, let us come out with the best programming platform suggestion for setting up a sturdy group buying site.

Resistance against security threats:

Security threat is one of the most important factors which have tarnished the image of WordPress. The famous brute-force attack which targets the weak passwords had WordPress as its biggest victim due to its well known login page and commonly used admin usernames and passwords.

Of course, when we talk about security concerns no programming platform or site is 100% secured. However, there lies a difference between being less secured and more secured. Magento, in many cases proves to be much more secured than WordPress and its resistance record against security mishaps is much more impressive.

Version issues are other major sources which creates loop holes for security threats. Outdated versions of WordPress and also the plugins and themes increase the possibility of a site to get attacked. Though WordPress makers are regular in updating the versions and issuing security patches, most of the users seem to ignore these updates and thus open the gates to such security breaches.

Payment gateway issues:

When it comes to the payment part, most of the Ecommerce stores use third-party payment gateways and this is once again a security threat for the wealth of the end-user. The dependency on third-party payment gateways is on a high because it takes a lot of rules and regulations to be followed if a site has to be permitted to store its clients’ credit card information. So, none of the sites have a hold of the customer’s credit card information like CC or CVV number rather it’s the third-party payment gateways which have them.

Applying this scenario to WordPress powered eCommerce sites; it is very difficult to make this platform PCI compliant. Since it’s an open source platform dedicated for blogging, various levels of customization is required to make it PCI compliant. PCI is the industry standard which ensures companies which are involved in online business to maintain a secured platform for storing credit card and other confidential information of the customers.

In case of Magento, these customizations are way too less as it is solely developed for Ecommerce business.


When an online business is in the verge of getting expanded, lack or inefficient scalability is the biggest issue that might hinder the progress. WordPress, which has molded its blog supporting nature to render support for Ecommerce business is not a great deal when it comes to scalability. Though scalability also depends on the efficiency of the server being used, Magento emerges to be a better player as it is naturally built to support enormous volumes of product sales.

Considering all these above discussed factors, it seems to be Magento which keeps winning all the time. So, all the WordPress users out there, start updating your versions and download the necessary software patches instantly or else it is better to get your own group buying site migrated towards Magento platform.

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    Hello! I just want to offer you a huge thumbs up for the great information you’ve got here on this post.
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  2. Reich says:

    great information on the comparison but still would be happy if you done this as tabular column

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