Undiscovered Possibilities in Social Media that Would Help Deals Businesses Serve People of Diverse Age Groups

Deals Businesses Serve People of Diverse Age Groups

Social media is arguably the most cost-effective and lucrative medium for ecommerce businesses. However, this medium is considered and remains to be reserved only for certain section of online shoppers, especially millennials. Another underlying truth is that online businesses do not care much about the rest of the lot that consists mostly of people from senior age groups.

This untapped area has got a huge list of potential buyers and hence it becomes a must for ecommerce businesses, especially daily deals sites to pay serious attention to it as their day-to-day offerings are beneficial for a wide range of audience.

If you are a daily deals business runner, the topics discussed in the following portion of the blog will help you make the most out of the online shopping crowd through social media, irrespective of the age group.

Age group specific deals

Most of the ecommerce stores promote themselves on social media through deals and offers as these tend to attract a wider range of audience. Now, the point of discussion is how could a daily deals business make the most out of this? Analyzing the age group of the audience will give a clear idea on what and how the customers shop. This analysis will give a clarity upon the area which a daily deals business should target.

Social networking platforms like Facebook (Insights) and Twitter (Stats) allows business runners to gain access towards detailed metrics of traffic and user behavior. Conduct a thorough analysis on the age group to which your audience belongs. Start delivering deals to suit their specific interests via social media.

By doing so, your deals become more relevant and the chances of them getting neglected become less. Once your customers begin to feel that the deals generated by you are relevant most of the time, chances are more likely that they will recommend your deals site to their friends and close ones.

The pitch

Despite significant improvements on the reliability in online shopping, many still prefer offline shopping due to various reasons. One among the reasons is the experience which delights them while interacting with sale person or an official, directly, while buying a product.

The best way to provide such experience, at least to a level closer to it is to sketch you marketing copy in a smart way. The voice is what that matters. Of course it is going to be a sales pitch but project it as if it is from an individual. Unlike the in-house banner ads, social media lays a list of restriction for the advertisement banners right from contents to space used. So your content should be a smartly written copy that clearly delivers the point and holds an attractive call that invites the customers to buy.

Moreover, if you are targeting a specific group never forget to sketch the pitch in such a way that it attracts your target audience. Analytics is the main source which can help you figure out how and when your campaigns have reached the highs and lows. Analyzing user behavior and response for a campaign on social media through the platform specific analytics tools helps in picking up your positives and negatives of the campaign.

Do not instruct, Communicate

Social media ads of web stores are often an instruction or a request to buy. Try changing the pitch of your promotional campaigns from being very pushy to being an initiator of a two-way-communication. Your promotions should draw your customers’ attention and lure them towards responding to it in an indirect way.

If they respond, your response towards it should be lightning fast. If you take too long to respond, then chances of you losing customers becomes inevitable. Your immediate availability and transparency in communication will make your customers happy and turn them into loyal customers.

Social media contest

Contests help web stores to reach their target audiences more accurately as they help in filtering down the huge list of participations to those which are relevant and required. Through contests you filter down people of specific age groups and deliver them the deals that they want.

Contests, if planned well, will engage more number of people. While you get to promote your products or daily deal website to the participants, you’ll also benefit from those who enter the contest as voters. Thus the reach becomes wider. Contests which require voting from general public will drive the participants towards promoting/referring the page to their close ones which will result in a better reach.

Customer Service

Social media is often looked upon for a tool for promotions and promotions alone by the ecommerce websites but in reality there are a lot more which these businesses can achieve through this powerful medium. Customer service is one area which every business will have to take a good care of in order to maintain their customer chain and earn new.

Setting up a customer service panel, creating a backend for it and employing the staffs to take care of the queries will eat up a chunk amount of an online business’s capital. Social media is a better alternative to resolve customer complaints and queries as it is much cheaper and doesn’t demand heavy infrastructure.

As people love to thrive on social media and are more familiar about how to use them, the need for an online business to create a user-friendly backend panel becomes unnecessary. Serving your customers would become easy. Responses towards their queries can be done immediately which prevents an online business from losing its customers.

Especially, people of senior age group who naturally tend to have problems understanding the purchase mechanisms, payment modes and other systems which they tend to come across while shopping online, will feel well guided and secured if they find instant help via social media platforms.

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4 Responses to Undiscovered Possibilities in Social Media that Would Help Deals Businesses Serve People of Diverse Age Groups

  1. Hoonesh says:

    This was a new post I am looking for . New information. Targeting different age group people for business based on their attachment to our website. Social media contest are the main subjects to be focused on, because most of the people are highly active in social media.

  2. Tonja says:

    As said in your post customer service is the main thing to get concentrated on any online shopping cart. When customers are serviced well, they are an automatic promoters for your business

  3. Fredericka says:

    Most of all people started shopping via online. So every body looking for diverse age group deals for them. So the flash deals should not me random, it should be based on followers and the people who signed up in the cart

  4. Jeraldin says:

    Great writings for small business on how to focus in social media sharing for their business and how to reach targeted audiences.

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