Steps to Re-engage Your Inactive Email Subscribers in Group Buying Business

Contus group clone re-engages inactive subscribers

With the online market thriving, online daily deals business faces stiff competition from its adversaries. When you want your business to be more accentuating, then you need to be distinct in terms of offering services. Only then can you stand apart in a crowd.

One of the biggest challenges in marketing is to revive a defunct customer’s interest in your site. Defunct customers are the ones who have purchased a product from you long ago but due to some reasons they have snapped ties with you. Expecting such customers to visit your site or presuming that they might be aware of the latest deals is not really a good way of marketing. Rather you should reach out to those customers and reassure them that you care for their interests. There are some crucial aspects that needs to feature in your communication. They are

Providing Deals and Discounts

Who won’t prefer discounts ?

Offering deals & discounts is the best way to instantly garner attention. You can send notifications about your flash deals to your customers. You should also keep track of his last purchased item and offer discount details of products relating to his last purchase. This helps to you to offer some relevant services to your customers.

Enticing the customers to sign up

You can offer incentives like giving a coupon or special offers to customers who are signing up. For instance you can offer a special discount to customers signing up with their desktop/laptop and different type of discount for people installing your mobile apps. In this way you would be able to encompass a wide range of audience.

Seeking Referrals

Monitoring your customer’s connections in social media sites like LinkedIn could pay you rich dividends. If you feel that your services could be of use to those connections then you can request your customers to refer you to their connections. This is a yardstick to measure your performance because if the customer is happy with you then he would refer to his connections, else it is going to be the other way round.

Creating business apps

Stats suggest 2015 end will witness 25 billion smartphone users. With smartphones being the order of the day, launching mobile apps could work wonders for you. You can create apps to facilitate trouble-free viewing and send instant notifications about the latest deals. You can also entice your inactive customers by offering discounts to them if they purchase products through these apps. Moreover creating mobile apps for business purposes will enhance your brand reputation.

Sending call to action

Call to action is clever method to evoke an immediate response from your customers to purchase a product. Let us take an example. You are offering a shoe at a discount rate. But the stock is limited. So you can send a notification to your customer with a call to action saying “Stock limited, Hurry up”. By clicking this call to action the customer directly goes to the shoe store. This feature helps to save customer’s time and avail the benefits ahead of others.


The online market is flooded with diverse daily deals websites. In order to stay relevant and outwit your competitors you can inculcate the aforementioned aspects in to your business strategy.

Contus Groupclone

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3 Responses to Steps to Re-engage Your Inactive Email Subscribers in Group Buying Business

  1. Edith says:

    But it hard to find the inactive subscribers in the store. It will take some pain. Apart from that these are good steps to follow.

  2. Ramanathan says:

    Thanks Edith for your suggestion. But inactive customers can be found out by section wise or last purchase made by them.
    Thanks and keep writing your values.

  3. Laila says:

    Great post on making customers to sign up. its a great challenge when making them to purchase again and maintain their relationship with them

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