Contus Groupclone Goes on Cloud with Amazon EC2

Contus group clone free hosting

Group clone is getting bigger and better. Post the successful response to Contus group clone version 4.0 release we are proud to announce a much bigger benefit especially for future owners of this readymade daily deals script. read more

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2000+ Customers Got a Better Group Clone Version – 4.3.4

Contus Groupclone version 4.3.4Group clone, the daily deals software developed by Contus has been bolted with more utile features which are sure to give daily deals business runners, an edge over their competitors. Especially for those who have tried the previous versions of the script, the following news will be a surprise treat.

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How Well Does Geolocation Help in Improving Business of a Daily Deals Site?

Geolocation DealsThe boom of eCommerce industry has made shopping literally possible from any part of the world, but still a majority of online shopping is local. Despite of being given the power to shop just with a click of a button, many still prefer buying things in person. In fact big players in the online shopping domain are having a hard time facing competition from local retail market. read more

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WordPress or Magento – A Comparative Study to Choose the Best Platform for a Daily Deals Site

Well, it is so evident that open source CMSes have given a tough competition to the eCommerce platforms by taking a share of their customers due to certain factors like simple functionalities, ease of moderation and use. On the other hand, these CMSes doesn’t seem to be proving dynamic and efficient enough for a heavy eCommerce work on a longer run. read more

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5 Interesting Facts about Why Consumers Use Daily Deals

Use Daily Deal Sites

Daily Deals is the widely popular and arguably the most criticized Ecommerce marketing method ever since its existence. While a few customers consider it as a short-lived craze, there are millions who consider it to be the most profitable and the smartest way to shop. Despite of all the negative criticism it gets group buying remains to be highly preferred by most of the online shoppers. Here we have mentioned a few interesting facts on what drives the online shoppers into daily deals frenzy mode.

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