How Well Does Geolocation Help in Improving Business of a Daily Deals Site?

Geolocation DealsThe boom of eCommerce industry has made shopping literally possible from any part of the world, but still a majority of online shopping is local. Despite of being given the power to shop just with a click of a button, many still prefer buying things in person. In fact big players in the online shopping domain are having a hard time facing competition from local retail market.

Despite of being considered as a primitive method, direct marketing still tastes success while the digital marketing methods which are considered to be the up to date trend is still struggling to find a better rhythm and this is because of the above discussed fact. In order to refine the digital marketing methods and to derive better benefits from it, geolocation is the arguably only remedy which can be adopted.

Localizing the online shopping experience has become the urgent need and many of the highly valued online shopping portals have not improved on this. Compared to online retail stores, daily deals websites are those which are quite successful in achieving it.

These group buying sites provide consumers with attractive deals offered by the retailers nearby their location and hence are well received. Now, let us discuss on what way group buying sites can better their business.

How can daily deals sites improve their business?

In order to improve localization of the deals offered, geolocation technology should be harnessed in a much better way. This technology will allow daily deal  businesses to know the needs of the consumers along with their location and hence provide a better chance for them to reach consumers. Using geolocation technology, group buying sites can reach suggest the right products for consumers, at the right place and at the right time which will save much of their valuable efforts. Obviously, when a relevant deal is proposed to a customer the chances of buying becomes more and hence the business conversion will shoot up considerably.

Social strategy:

Finding the location of the consumer is no easy task as consumers in general hesitate to share their location details as they are concerned about their privacy. In order to make them volunteer to share it social strategy is the best trick which can be deployed. Build a social campaign that attracts users and allows them discuss in groups about a topic.

For instance a deals site can allow customers to try out a menu and post reviews on using it. Strategies like these will allow people to actively participate and consumers will also be interested in sharing the experience across their friends’ network as well. This will help in fetching more customer engagement and promotion of the deal happens in a rapid pace.

At the same time, be aware that you are applying this strategy to pull in new crowd so that you don’t waste money spending on providing discounts to your existing customer base.

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3 Responses to How Well Does Geolocation Help in Improving Business of a Daily Deals Site?

  1. Calvin says:

    Remarkable issues here. I am very satisfied to look your post. Thanks so much and I’m looking ahead to touch you. Shred great ideas on developing business via geolocation technology.

  2. Edward says:

    Its an good idea of improving the business and attracting more customers. This technology is used in most of the online business. Great way to go

  3. Mia says:

    Interesting to read this article this will help to implement geolocation technology and attract near by customers.

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