Contus Groupclone Goes on Cloud with Amazon EC2

Contus group clone free hosting

Group clone is getting bigger and better. Post the successful response to Contus group clone version 4.0 release we are proud to announce a much bigger benefit especially for future owners of this readymade daily deals script.

All those eying to give Contus group buying script a try, we would like to clearly mention that the time is ripe like never before. Get ready to explore Contus’ Group Clone without expense. It can now be tried and tested for free in the world’s leading cloud platform, Amazon EC2.

This software which constrained its potential buyers to test its functionalities only in a local server environment can now be tested to the fullest by installing it on Amazon cloud hosting environment. In other words, buyers can now get a free trial of group buying script before making their purchase decision.

Testing the potential of the script in a real cloud server will help buyers understand the performance of the product in real-time environment. The speedy Amazon cloud hosting will make sure that the pages load in blistering speeds thereby providing a better user-experience.

What helped us integrate Amazon hosting with Contus group clone?

With a view to improve our cloud based solutions and provide better benefits for our clients, Contus has tied up with Amazon cloud as a technology partner. Having said this, your decision to purchase Contus group deal script is surely going to be a lucrative one as Group clone offers 1 year free Amazon hosting which helps in saving over $1080 on hosting expense.

Moreover, with Contus being Amazon’s technology partner your hosting woos will completely be taken care of. Using services like Amazon Glacier, EBS, Storage Gateway, S3, Work Spaces, Elastic Load Balancing, Contus aims at providing:

  • Low-cost storage for backup
  • Desktop computing service over the cloud
  • Simplifying administration of databases
  • Testing platforms with multiple layers of security
  • Secured connection between IT software and cloud
  • Better data streaming and much more

Contus Groupclone

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