Brighten up your Group Buying website by subscribing to Contus’s free Group deal themes

Today’s eCommerce industry is experiencing an outstanding growth in terms of group buying solutions. Contus Support Interactive, by developing Group clone script has offered a perfect and right Group buying software solution for individuals who are looking to launch a daily deals website ( or group buying website) in their locality. This ultimate product facilitates on saving the time, cost and effort of starting a daily deals business and finding success on the same in mere time.

Groupon Clone Script From installation to support, the features enfolded in this Group buying software is immense.

Contus Support Interactive, in addition to offering this absolute product has done a yet more favor by offering some free Group buying themes, which when embedded on your Group buying website will add an astonishing look. There are about twelve free Group deal themes which Contus offers right now. Each theme comes with some unique features that are capable of creating a pleasant look to your websites. Listed down are the free themes developed by Contus.

Dark Night
This freely offered theme comes with an elegant look of a dark night. The theme is fully widgetized and fairly easy to customize.

Black and White
Black and White is a unique theme that lets you implement the very decent black & white centered look on your very own website. Users can submit their own deals and customers can buy deals using one of many payment gateways.

Clean Green
This free theme from Contus comes in an amazing design and layout that soon reminds you of a green grass. It comes with an excellent widget based layout to display deals.

Electric City
This electrifying free theme is easy to use and customize. With its decent layout and design, Electric city Is the apt for creating any group buying website.

As the name syndicates, this free theme from Contus comes in a elegant look that extremely pleases about to have a group buying website. The theme is completely widgetized and easy to customize.

This theme from Contus is offered free and comes with a combo layout of blue and black colors. Blue also has a ton of customization options.

The free theme comes in a pleasant look that drives the attention of any customer. This theme can be the perfect fro any daily deals website.

Smoke or White smoke theme is more or less a white colored theme that could suit any kind of group buying website.

Stylish free theme from Contus comes in a Magenta based color format with layout that specialize in displaying daily deals.

This free theme comes in a classy look and is highly flexible over to customizations.

LiveSocial is a free theme from Contus that comes in a unique and complete living look. This theme can be the best for property listing deals and vacation rental listing deals.

This theme from Contus comes in a look that resembles sky and cloud. This theme can e the apt for displaying food related deals or other contemporary shopping deals.

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4 Responses to Brighten up your Group Buying website by subscribing to Contus’s free Group deal themes

  1. Ron says:

    Themes are different and awesome to use. I tried downloading it. But I cant download.
    Does this themes comes with script?

  2. Paul says:

    The only difference is that they are cut into standard sizes that are ready to
    install. Anyhow good themes for commercial purpose

  3. Ann says:

    The themes are really awesome and I have checked it. But I tried downloading this themes and couldn’t get it. Just now subscribed

  4. Lara says:

    Good themes with good navigation.

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