Basic Medium for Promoting Deals among Millennials

Promoting deals among millennials

Millennials are arguably the best contributors for eCommerce business worldwide. This tech savvy lot grew with the drastic growth of technology, especially mobile phones and mobile data connectivity and so they are always connected with the trends in peak like online shopping, social media etc.

Any advancement which enters the market never flies off their radar and moreover they act as the review panel which gives the perfect feedback for a new trend. Considering this fact, millennials are valuable resources for promoting and improving eCommerce business of any type.

Promoting a daily deals business among this lot is a must need for business operators as these people prefer shopping on the go and of course love saving money as well. As millennials are always connected with their friends, family members, relatives and peers the chance of them spreading a word is always on a high. For business runners it is crucial to decide the platforms in which they are going promote their business. The following part of this article will suggest some of the key mediums through which promoting a daily business will earn remarkable business benefits for the owners.

Social Media:

A majority of millennials across the world thrive on social networking platforms 24/7 as they depend upon these sites for entertainment, interaction, fun and getting opinions and reviews. Consumers who are convinced that they have grabbed a lucrative shopping deal are keen to share it with their friends and sources close to them and when they feel like doing it, social media is obviously their first preference as they can reach out to everybody in no time.

According to a survey conducted by Valassis last year (2013), 43% of millennials’ first choice for sharing a deal is through the widely used social networking sites Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

A share can provoke a chain reaction of sharing and everybody gets to know about a deal in no time. So it is important for daily deals business runners to make the best use of this medium in which millions of potential users stay active for a long time.

Text Messages:

If you are a group buying business runner and think that text messaging system is a goner, you are clearly losing out a bunch of your sales. Though social media sites are the leaders in making people share information, text messaging still thrives as a challenging contender as it gives a bit of personalized touch.

Sharing deals via text messages gives a lot of privacy. As per the insights from the above mentioned survey, 30% of millennials choose text messages as the medium to share deals with their close ones.

Deal businesses can send attractive deal offers as text messages to shoppers as they find it easy to forward it to their beloved ones and friends. However, the success of the messaging campaign lies in the smart usage of words and mobile screen space. Remember to be up to the point and avoid unwanted jargons. Messages should be smartly written in such a way that they convey the point perfectly and in the shortest form possible.


Mailing is yet another useful resource which earns better benefits for daily deals businesses. Deals can be sent to customers, or one time visitors of your site through mails which helps in improving the sales percentage by a bigger margin. Loyalty programs are the best trick to retain and reward loyal customers. Sending coupon codes for regular customers would encourage them to comeback regularly. Emails are one of the best re-marketing tools which help in earning back the customers a business has lost. Group buying sites can also woo visitors to subscribe for the newsletter which helps in creating a standard customer base.

Any online business runner can improve sales as 45% of millennials prefer it by executing a planned marketing campaign through mails.

Mobile app

Mobile applications are changing the way in which businesses are marketed and daily deals business are no exception to it. People, especially millennials are dependent on their mobile phones and make use of it to simplify many of their day-to-day tasks. Daily deals businesses, for sure, should have an app of their own as apps are highly preferred by millennials as they act as a quick launch for accessing a shopping site.

Reports suggest that daily deals business which posses their own mobile app experience 61% of millennials are attracted and this fact is not a surprise as mobile phones have become an integral part of every modern online shopper’s day-to-day life.

Promoting daily deals businesses through these above discussed mediums has proven to be effective and will surely improve the sales quotient in a significant way.

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