2000+ Customers Got a Better Group Clone Version – 4.3.4

Contus Groupclone version 4.3.4Group clone, the daily deals software developed by Contus has been bolted with more utile features which are sure to give daily deals business runners, an edge over their competitors. Especially for those who have tried the previous versions of the script, the following news will be a surprise treat.

Compatible with Magento 1.9 community edition: 

Group clone script, which has powered over 1000+ websites worldwide, has been made compatible with Magento’s 1.9 community edition. This edition of Magento has been blessed with improvements on responsiveness, checkout experience, site security, payment transactions and tax calculations which will help eCommerce businesses to improve on the standard of their site and provide uncompromising shopping experience for customers.

Mobile responsive:

As convenience of shopping on the go has encouraged many online shoppers to purchase through their smartphones, we have turned this group deal script to be a complete mobile responsive script. We believe that this improvement will provide a fluidic user-experience across various mobile devices irrespective of the screen sizes and help deals business owners, an opportunity to widen their business reach to new horizons.

Performance optimization:

With regards to the performance of this group buying software, our developers have worked on various parts of it to make it as light as air. Group clone will now be super fast and will open in a flash, irrespective of the medium through which it is being accessed (however the data connectivity matters).

Sample Products and Category:

Based on the preference buyers can make use the design concept of Group clone’s demo version or can change the theme and navigations as per their convenience. This option has been bestowed especially for the convenience of those who feel comfortable with the default demo version’s design.

Deal coupon file optimization:

Now, site administrators can send coupons to buyers even if the maximum limit for the deals to be sold for a day is exceeded. In order to make this possible, we have bolted an option called deal coupon file optimization. This feature allows a website to generate coupon codes for deal purchases even after exceeding the maximum coupon sale limit.

Well, that sums up the updates of the 4.3.4 version of our group buying script. We are working further to incorporate more functionalities and features to improve the business benefits of our buyers in all possible angles.

We are glad to hear your suggestions which would help in refinement of our product. Do register your thoughts in the comment section below or send in your queries to Email Link bdm@contus.in

Contus Groupclone


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