The First & Best Group Buying Software

The First & Best Group Buying Software

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  • Simple To Setup

    It just takes few hours to setup our Daily Deals clone script on your server. It can be done on your own or we will set it up for you.

    Best eCommerce Platform

    Contus groupon clone is one of the best groupon clone scripts as it is built on the best eCommerce platform in the globe - Magento, an eBay company. Our powerful system is developed to scale new heights.

    Advanced Reports

    Now our clients can generate multiple reports in a hassle-free manner with the Advanced Reports feature and can easily download the reports with all customer credentials either in XML or CSV formats easily.

    Payment Gateways Supported
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    Our clients can impress users from any part of world with special deals exclusively designed for their very locations with the Geolocation feature incorporated for better customer satisfaction and benefits.

    Google Analytics

    Our deal script is power packed with Google Analytics feature which helps clients to track and study customer behaviors exclusively for delivering customer-specific deals across all parts of world.

    Free Installation

    There is no hidden cost for setting up the daily deal software. Groupon clone download is ultimately easy and our dedicated support team will setup the software for you and integrate all the required add-ons for a successful launch.


    We have worked a lot on keeping the front-end of the system to be on the faster side to enhance the user experience and to get conversion. It is hard to find any other system to work as fast as ours

    Beautiful Free Themes

    We understand every business doesn't need to look exactly like other daily deals site. Choose any theme from our long list of free themes and embellish your websites. We have the capacity to provide unique design on the client request as well.

    Superb Add-Ons

    We have developed innovative add-ons to enable our clients to use the power of mobility and social media to add lots of customers and stay ahead of the competitions thereby reaching millions of users at ease.

    Custom Design

    Customize each and every section of your website so that it matches with your logo admirably! We offer the best custom design options for modifying the colors of website background - 'Buy Now' button in addition to the customizing facility of various discrete sections. These features certainly will cast a commanding effect on your visitors and make them revisit your site again undoubtedly.

    Getaways (Travel Deals)

    We realize visitor woes and that’s why we have strived hard to come up with a scintillating option for the site owners by permitting them to list the travel deals alone and deals with multiple additional options discretely with different pricings for each option to delight visitors when using them.

    Fully Customizable

    Either we or any other Magento developer can customize our Contus group buying software to meet your business needs. There is no encryption on the code, except for the license file.

    Dedicated Support Team

    We are the only team to have dedicated Level 1 & Level 2 support team for our Contus group clone clients with the time tested escalation process to handle the customer queries at the earliest.

    Lots Of Extensions

    Use the power of the 1000’s of Magento extensions available on the market and empower your daily deals software to attain its needs so as to succeed in the competitive market.


    Contus groupon clone software comes up with an exciting option for the site owners to list out the physical or shipping products individually under the category of goods. Add fascinating details about the products and their various benefits in the listings to appease a wide range of visitors in no time.

    Easy To Add Features

    This best daily deal software allows the site owners to modify or build new features around it whether the feature is simple or complex. For Example: If we want to modify the coupons to be sent in batches, it can be modified accordingly.

    One-Step Checkout

    We cannot compromise on security and so we leveraged the power of Magento. Our code is the best in the industry with best in standard security features and full compatibility with SSL.

    Sync With Magento

    Since we have developed Groupclone as an extension of Magento, it can be easily synchronized with endless extensions/plugins of Magento. This Magento groupon clone script will function excellently. There are 100s of extensions and plugins which are available for Magento which can be easily integrated into this Groupon clone Magento based script.

    SEO Friendly

    Groupclone has the option of changing/editing the URL with words or phrases of our choice, which will be very useful to SEO. For any online business, SEO or search engine optimization is of paramount importance since SEO is the way through which the keywords related to a website can be positioned in the first page of the leading search engines such as Google.

    Web Analytics Support

    Track the visitors, traffics and the effectiveness of your campaign using the world's best web stats tools - Google Analytics. Understand your website visitors better, to give the right deals and make them happy.

    Google Maps Interface

    We have integrated the Google Map Interface into Groupclone. Through this feature, the customers/users can easily identify the locality/region/place where the deal premise is located. Also, feeding the map data is very simple from the backend.

    Referral Program

    Right from the basic package, our Group Buying Script comes with referral and reward points software to boost the customer loyalty and encourage them to spread the word on deals for mutual benefits.

    Multi Currency Support

    Since Magento supports more than 100 currencies, our system also supports all of them in all the packages without any conditions.

    Merchant Access

    Merchant can create deals and validate coupons on their own. This is a must have tool if you want to woo the merchant to give the best deals.

    • 1) What is Contus Group Clone?

      The Contus Group Clone is the most advanced Daily Deal Site Software and the perfect solution, which enables you to quickly launch your daily deals or day-to-day deals website in your city/locality with the latest ecommerce trend. Contus Groupon script is easy to install, implement, and customize. There are hundreds of customers who use Group clone product and are running their businesses successfully. Read the success stories of some of our esteemed customers who are very successful in the group buying business. Success Stories

      2) Difference between Contus Group Clone and other Group Buying Site Scripts?

      The difference between us and the rest of the group buying scripts is that we provide the best and superior quality product with an excellent post-sales support, in addition to the huge number of features available in the market (97 features to be exact). The reason we have the best groupon script is, our instant response towards customer queries. We don't charge for license activation fee for the same domain. There is also no monthly license fee, yearly license fee, brand name removal fee, or other hidden fees. Apart all, the product is a groupon clone open source script, which is built on the number one ecommerce platform "Magento".

      3) How do I get started?

      All you have to do is to have a compatible server and get our Groupon like script to go online quickly. If you have any questions or need any clarifications regarding this, just drop in a mail to Our business development executives have helped thousands of people to achieve their goals of starting daily deal websites and be successful. Get clear clarifications on choosing the right Groupclone package which is apt for your system requirements, and learn how to manage your deal website.

      5) Can I get any discounts?

      Our hands are always open for frequent customers, resellers, partners, customers who become friends and for some brothers in land who are poor, but have the spirit to do business with our software or services. If you are eligible for a discount, contact us at

      6) Which company developed this coupon script?

      Contus, a well-established company, in the industry for more than 4 years has developed this advanced groupon script. The credibility can be measured through the portfolio where we have captured some of our best works and the success stories of our customers who are doing successful business by using our groupon script clone product. Here are a few points about our team and achievements.

      • A strong management team, where the decision makers have more than 10 years of experience in Information Technology or in / and related sectors.
      • Years of vital role in web & mobile product markets. We have thousands of customers spanning across all the continents of the globe. We have numerous templates and extensions filled (keep on filing it) in for various content management systems such as Magento, Joomla and Wordpress.
      • Strength of existing web services portfolio: There are so many successful websites on Internet which are developed by us.
      • Strength of existing mobile products portfolio: Our Mobile & Enterprise application development team has placed wonderful records in developing and delivering iPhone, Android and Windows applications.
      • Different teams with unique mission & vision: The teams are categorized into iPhone Team, Android Team, CMS / E-commerce Templates Team, CMS / E-commerce Extensions Team, Web Services Team, Internet Marketing Team, Quality Assurance Team, Support Team, Project Management Team, Business Team, etc.
      7) What is your support policy?

      We have a dedicated Level 2 Support Team which comprises of expert technical engineers who will assist you if you face any issues through ticketing system. Contus Group Clone is tested prior to each release on a "typical" server configuration. However, the truth is that there are thousands of web hosting companies with different server configurations and hundreds of other Magento Extensions with their own flaws. However, we provide complete support to help you to install if the server is throwing up issues one after the other. Under such circumstances, we will help you to switch over to a good server. If the third-party extension is having issues, we will identify that third-party extension and report to you. We know that this daily deals website software will work on 90-95% of the servers right off the bat, but there is always going to be that 5 or 10 percentage, where it will need a little push, and we will help you on it. Our timezone is IST (Indian Standard Time), and our working hours are between 10:00 AM IST to 6:00 PM IST, Monday to Friday.

      Please note the following points when you face issues,

      1. Exact Information: Provide us with the exact issue which you are facing, along with relevant information which will be helpful for us to identify and resolve the issue.

      2. Patience: While we work for you and update you, please be patient with us and cooperate with us so that we can make sure to complete the resolution as soon as possible.

      8) What is your refund policy?

      If you had bought the product and had not sought the license key from us, we will refund the full amount immediately.

      9) Where do I look for your groupon clone script reviews or success stories?

      Checkout the success stories of our group buying clone product here:

      11) Can this Contus Groupon clone script be otherwise called as Coupon website software or Coupons website script?

      Yes, as the product is dealing with coupons and deals, it can also be termed so.

      12) Why do you call yourself the best groupon clone software so far?

      The Contus Daily Deals Software is the first and best group buying software which comes as an extension for the #1 Ecommerce platform "Magento". This top quality Group deals script lets you to utilize all features of Magento and allows you to use hundreds of extensions from Magento Connect. There is no restriction for enhancements or development as you will have all the necessary files to do customization as per your wish.

      There is literally no other Group deals software or site that offers the list of features that we offer. The installation is super easy and it can be done even by non-technical people by following the manual that we provide.

      1) What I need to do to buy groupon script from Contus and how to start using it?

      Step 1: Buy any one of “ Contus GroupClone ” packages listed on

      Step 2: Register a domain name for your deal website. You can register a domain name at,, or any certified registrar of domain names. We mentioned these three because they are reputable and highly reliable. Your best bet and most economical are and because they are relatively inexpensive (but it's upto your choice). Just be sure that the one you select is a well known service and is reputable. There are too many stories about people losing a domain name because of some ridiculous glitches. Note: Don’t be discouraged if your domain name is already taken. Just keep on trying different variations for a .com extension if you can get it. Try not to settle on .net, .org, .info, or any other extensions. Try to get a .com.

      Step 3: Find a good web host. Once you register your domain name, you need to find what is called a web host. This is the place where your physical deal website files are located on the Internet. You have to make sure that the web host server meets Magento requirements and is Ioncube installed. You can contact us directly and we will assist you. Send us an email to for any assistance.

      2) What are the server requirements?

      All Magento supported & ioncube installed linux hosting servers support “ Contus Group Clone”. Before buying web hosting, make sure that the hosting server meets the following system requirements:

      Supported Operating Systems:

      • Linux x86, x86-64

      Supported Server Systems:

      • Apache 1.3.x
      • Apache 2.0.x
      • Apache 2.2.x

      Supported Browsers:

      • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and above
      • Mozilla Firefox 3.5 and above
      • Apple Safari 5 and above on Mac only
      • Google Chrome 7 and above
      • Adobe Flash browser plug-in should be installed

      Groupon Clone PHP Compatibility:

      • 5.2.13+
      • PDO_MySQL
      • simplexml
      • mcrypt
      • hash
      • GD
      • DOM
      • iconv
      • curl
      • SOAP (if Webservices API is to be used)
      • Safe_mode off
      • Memory_limit no less than 256Mb (preferably 512)


      • 4.1.20 or newer
      • InnoDB storage engine


      • If HTTPS is used to work in the admin, SSL certificate should be valid. Self-signed SSL certificates are not supported

      Server - hosting - setup:

      • Ability to run scheduled jobs (crontab) with PHP 5
      • Ability to override options in .htaccess files
      • Ioncube
      3) Do I need to know coding?

      No. The basic knowledge about Computer, Internet and Websites are far enough. Our daily deal software material, FAQ, and support forums can help you to understand and work with the back end system. Also, we will provide you with a clear groupon clone demo about adding deals, cities and managing the back end system. If you have programming knowledge, it's an added advantage for you.

      4) What kind of performance enhancing mechanisms is presented by this Contus daily deal script?

      Magento is a fantastic system with a huge range of features. However with that comes a "slight" performance issue, whereas using VPS or dedicated servers help us to have a better performance. Apart from selecting these servers, we can consider few optimization points even for a shared hosting.

      * Install a PHP opcode cache such as ionCube.
      * Set memory limit to 64M in PHP Configuration.
      * Increase the value for “ realpath_cache_ttl ” to 3600 to 7200 in PHP Configuraion to increase the time of cache
      * Make sure your Apache configuration has KeepAlives enabled. Turn Off Keep-Alive if you have to use mod_php
      * Modify the configuration for your MySQL server to take better advantage of your server's RAM. 
      * Be sure the Magento caches are enabled.
      * Enable Expires Headers.
      * Enable MySQL query caching
      * Enable Block Caching where it makes sense.
      * Make fewer HTTP Requests in your Theme
      * Use FastCGI to run PHP.
      * Use a Content Delivery Network
      * Remove unused extensions.
      * Enable Gzip Compression.
      * Reduce DNS lookups
      * Avoid redirects.
      * Make Ajax Cacheable.
      * And so forth.
      5) Can Contus Group Clone work on Amazon EC2?

      Yes, the Contus Groupon software can work on Amazon EC2. We have developers who are experienced in Amazon EC2 server. However, the installation process may take some time depending upon the difficulties we face in Amazon server and Amazon server experienced developers' availability. We expect the customer's co-operation under such cases.

      1) What are the supported payment gateways?

      The Contus Groupon template supports all Magento supported payment gateways. If any payment gateway is not supported, then be sure that the Magento version you use supports the particular payment gateway. Before selecting the payment gateway, be aware of the gateway commission fee, supported countries, supported currencies, Pay later feature, Magento payment gateway stability, etc.

      2) Is it possible to setup SSL?

      Yes. If HTTPS is used to work in the admin, SSL certificate should be valid. Self-signed SSL certificates are not supported. We recommend SSL because with booming Internet trends and fraud, most will not submit their private details on the web unless they know that the information they provide is securely transmitted and is not accessible for anyone to view.

      3) Will my client's credit card or any other credential stored in the database?

      The credit card details are not saved in the admin panel or in database when you process with any secure payment gateways. But, we want to make sure and be aware of the payment module we use and the payment module creator. There is a default payment option called " Saved CC " in Magento. Unlike other groupon clone templates, we never recommend this method unless you don't like to process payments in offline. Orders placed using this method will appear in the admin with the card number, name on card and expiration date displayed to the store owner. You can then take this information and use it to charge your customers using your preferred method.

      1) How does your licensing works?

      The licensing works based on domain name. You can move the files to any hosting server, but you need to maintain the same domain name. For a licensing purpose, we have included only one file which is encrypted. Apart from this single file, you will be able to edit the entire Groupclone or Magento groupon files to customize as per your needs.

      2) Does the daily deal website development system support multi-city deals?

      Yes. Contus Group Clone supports multi-city deals. When you need to run the same deal on various cities, you need not add the same deal for each city. Just enter a single deal and select cites in multi select box.

      3) Does it support all the Magento extensions?

      Yes. Our open source groupon clone template supports most of the Magento extensions. If any Magento version do not work, then there are various factors to analyze such as, Extensions capability for your Magento version (Compatibility), Extension bugs, Installation errors, Folder permissions, Server issues and so on. When an extension conflicts with deal concept, then changes or customizations within the extension may be required and this is not a part of our support.

      4) How does the daily deal builder's notification system works?

      Default Subscription Feature: Contus Groupon script contains newsletter subscription feature by default. It works based on the cron job function. Your site visitors can subscribe for the city they wish. When the cron job function runs and checks for any new deals. If any new deal is added by site admin or merchant, an automatic email will be sent to the subscribers of the particular city.

      Third party integrations: The third party email marketing system such as " Mailchimp " can be integrated with this deals script. For Mailchimp, we just need to provide Mailchimp API credentials. If you have integrated Mailchimp with your deal website, the subscribed emails will be synchronized to the corresponding Mailchimp account and you will be able to send manual emails to the subscribers from Mailchimp account. It helps you to take advantage of the Mailchimp features.

      5) What if I need design Changes on the home page?

      We recommend you to choose “ Custom GPC ” package if you would like to have your deal website with an unique home page design to attract visitors and to be different from your competitors.